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verb[T] • formal - /ɪmˈpɑːt/ - To communicate information to someone


adjective - /ɪmˈpɑː.ʃəl/ - Not supporting any of the sides involved in an argument

I'm part

You're part of a bigger narrative, don't read the news with blinkers on, fight back against polarisation.

Imp art?

No devilish tricks here, just a commitment to a better way to discover media.

Why should you use Impart?

Anti-filter bubble
Our recommendation engine is designed to surface broadly relevant news articles from sources you might not normally read. We hope this will broaden everyone's views on topics and neuter the polarisation we see in other recommender systems.
We won't prioritise clickbaity articles, we don't need to given our business model! In fact we specifically try to penalise clickbaity articles using some clever algorithmic tricks.
Ad free
We use a subscription model to ensure that our goals are aligned with yours. That means we can focus on creating the best news app without any advertising nonsense.
Privacy first
We won't sell your data to anyone. Period.
Beautiful design
Catching up on what's relevant to you should be a breeze. We're designing Impart to be elegant and simple. The whole ethos is about cutting down on distractions. Content comes first.
Personal - but not aggresively so
We learn what's relevant to you. It's personal but not microtargeted to the nth degree like some companies we know...
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See the whole story

See the story from multiple angles with related articles from opposing viewpoints.

At the bottom of every article you'll see other pieces about the same topic. Reading broadly around a subject lets you be more objective in your conclusions.

Don't be swayed by the rhetoric of one news source.

Designed to get out of the way

The content always comes first so that you can focus on what's important. No nagging adverts, no popups, and no fluff.

Read what's important to you and then stop Doomscrolling.

We've designed the app to make it easy for you to quickly catch up on what's going on in the world from multiple angles so that you are not being manipulated by what you read.

Not the secret sauce of course, but yes, we do use AI

Humanely designed recommendations

Recommender systems are incredibly powerful and useful but they can also have some nasty side effects.

Our algorithm is designed specifically to negate these negative effects. We look at the types of articles you are interested in then recommend you articles that people unlike yourself have read on similar topics. By doing this we hope to expose everyone to a broader set of views on a topic.

You're in control

You can adjust how broadly you want to be recommended news articles.

If you want to go down the rabbit hole on topics you love then we've got you covered. If you just want to be broadly informed about everything from a variety of angles then just twiddle the knobs and see what surfaces.


Proudly not freemium

  • Pay Monthly

    Less than the price of a coffee

  • One plan

    No special features you can't access through some fancy extra-pricy subscription tier!

  • You're no longer the product

    "If something is free, you are the product". Paying a small subscription means we can build this for you, not for some big advertiser behind the scenes.

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